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The Importance of Hand Hygiene


The Importance of Hand Hygiene

Most of us are aware that germs are everywhere. We also know that hand washing or using hand sanitizer is an important first line of defense against them. Used correctly they can help prevent many illnesses like the common cold, the flu, and many types of infectious diarrhea.

However, many of us tend to think of germs only before handling food, after using the restroom, or when something is visibly dirty. The issue with this is that germs and bacteria are not visible to the human eye. The University of Colorado at Boulder conducted a study which showed that the average person carries 3,200 bacteria from 150 different species on our hands at any given time.

Many things that we touch regularly pass these germs to our hands. The refrigerator door handle, light switches, and door knobs are a few of these that are commonly overlooked. When cleaning our homes many of us fail to clean these items. Instead, the focus is usually on larger surfaces such as counter tops or the kitchen sink. However, we highly recommend that these items be added to everyone’s house cleaning routine. Simply dampen a microfiber cloth with a cleaning product containing at least 3% hydrogen peroxide or other disinfectant. Then you can wipe down these surfaces as you perform your regular house cleaning duties.

At Angelic Touch, we take hand hygiene very seriously in all of our client’s homes. We wear gloves when cleaning germ prone areas such as toilets. Each of our employees have their own antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer. We also make many of the cleaning products that we use. This helps ensure that we are not only cleaning your home, but disinfecting it as well. These are just a few of the extra steps that we take when you are a part of the Angelic Touch family. This is something we don’t mind doing because we care about your health and well-being just like it is our own.

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