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How Regular Cleanings Boost Office Productivity


How Regular Cleanings Boost Office Productivity

Office productivity is something constantly on the mind of managers and business owners everywhere, and rightfully so. Customer expectations and other deadlines are difficult to meet with an underperforming staff. The reality is that productivity can make or break any company, big or small. There is however one quick fix that can begin to show results immediately. This is having your office maintained by a professional cleaning company.

In 2014, researchers placed a virus sample on one tabletop and doorknob in offices. In 2-4 hours, 50% of the office workers and visitors were infected with the virus. Three hours later, the virus had spread to other frequently touched objects such as elevator buttons, phones, and keyboards. This study shows just how quickly illness can spread in an office. It also speaks to the importance of regularly cleaning and sanitizing areas constantly shared by workers. According to the CDC, productivity losses due to personal or family illness cost U.S. employers an average of $1,685 per employee per year. They also note that these costs effect all employers, even those that do not provide health insurance.

Harvard University set up separate offices in 2014 to see how office conditions would influence productivity. One office was neat and orderly while the other had cluttered desks and overflowing trashcans. Participants were then split between the rooms and asked to attempt a challenging puzzle that could not be solved. Those in the clean office continued attempting to finish the impossible task for 1 1/2 times longer than those in the messy one.

Maintaining clean work environments even has a direct connection to employee morale. A survey conducted in 2017 found that 89% of Americans believe that the condition of the restroom reflects how much a company values its employees. A follow-up study tested seven different categories in 2019. Cleanliness and maintenance were found to be the most effective at raising employee satisfaction and performance in office settings.

Keeping employee productivity high can sometimes seem like a difficult task. Many traditional methods of improvement reap benefits, but slowly over time. Understanding the value of your employees being at work, healthy, and able to focus is an important first step. By simply allowing Angelic Touch or another professional cleaning company to maintain your office, you can quickly begin moving the needle in the right direction.

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