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Cleaning vs. Sanitizing: Whats the Difference?


Cleaning vs. Sanitizing: Whats the Difference?

Most of us have our go-to cleaners that we use frequently around our homes. We know that our kitchens, bathrooms, and floors are some of the most germ prone areas, so we have certain cleaners in our arsenal to protect ourselves and our families. Sadly, many people associate smell with something being sanitary and they choose their cleaners based on which scent they prefer. There are some who prefer the smell of flowers and those who would prefer citrus. However, the smell of your home is not a sure sign that you have made it a healthier place. With the peak of the cold and flu season quickly approaching, understanding the difference between cleaning and sanitizing is very important.

The CDC defines cleaning as the removal of foreign materials such as dirt, food, and other organic material from surfaces and objects. This is commonly done using cleaners that contain water, detergents, and added fragrances to leave your home smelling fresh. Usually this is enough for routine house cleaning. However, the germs that you don’t wash or wipe away are left to grow and spread. Sanitizing on the other hand, is the process of killing and reducing the number of germs on an object or surface to safe levels. Sanitizing is the recommended process for most high contact and germ prone areas.

Many of our clients are shocked to learn that most cleaning products do not both clean and sanitize. In most cases, a general household cleaner should be used first to remove any dirt and debris. Then after rinsing, a disinfectant can be used to kill any remaining germs. Keep in mind that even the products that sanitize must be used correctly to be effective. You must pay close attention to the manufacturer’s label on the products you use. This will let you know how long the applied product should remain on a surface or item to kill germs.

At Angelic Touch, we proudly make most of our own cleaning supplies. This allows us to ensure that when we clean your home, we are doing more than just making it look or smell good. Everything from our floor cleaners to our glass and multipurpose cleaners are sanitizing your house as we are cleaning. All without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals. You can also rest assured that our cleaning technicians are trained on how to use our products correctly. Our goal is to make your home a cleaner and safer place for your family. So whether we are mopping your floor or simply wiping down doorknobs, the products that we use are another step we take to make that goal a reality.

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