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Cleaning Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays


Cleaning Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

Although it’s hard to believe, Thanksgiving is next week with Christmas right around the corner. So ’tis the season to be sure your home is prepared for friends and family. Waiting until the day before your guests arrive only leads to a stressful holiday. Don’t fret, below are some cleaning tips to make sure your home is squeaky-clean for the holiday season!

Freshen Up Your Fridge and Freezer

With many of us entertaining and cooking this holiday season, we begin to make room for all the delicious food that will be prepared. Now is the perfect time to give your fridge and freezer a thorough cleaning. Once cleaned, place a bowl of unused coffee grounds or baking soda in the back of the fridge to keep it smelling fresh all month long.

Deep Clean Your Bathrooms

This time of year our bathrooms can get a lot more visitors than usual. Prepare for this extra foot traffic in advance with a detailed cleaning. Pay special attention to your baseboards, tile grout, and light fixtures. These are areas that usually don’t get much attention throughout the year.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen

If your family is anything like ours, they all huddle around the cook in the kitchen until the food is served. Make sure to add cleaning the inside of your cabinets and drawers to your normal cleaning routine to prevent any embarrassing situations. And don’t forget to clean inside your oven and microwave as well!

Tidy Up the Living Room

There is sure to be a lot of time spent with friends and family in your living room over the holidays. Prepare by giving a good dusting, being sure to look for any cobwebs hiding in corners or ceilings. This is also a good time to clean any blinds and windows before arranging your festive decorations.

Or Simply Call Angelic Touch!

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